Welcome to the Tyrant of the East WikiEdit

This is the comprehensive database for all things Tyrant of the East. Catalogueing all of his works, we'll have the best info on his completed stories and regularly updated on his progressive stories. From the chronicles of Avarian of the Death Spectres in God of Death, to the righteous Journey of a betrayer of betrayers in Confessions of a Wayward Son; we have everything to know right here. But there is a lot of stuff to be recorded, and a lot more to come; so we need your help make this the ultimate source of info on our favorite 40K master of epic!

How you can help us.Edit

Though we have a fair bit of information already, we can always use a few extra helping hands. We'd appreciate some of the following:

  • Tyrant's stories are constantly evolving and introducing new characters and events, so we need to know that there is a new character so we can make a page for him or her.
  • If one of Tyrant's stories are updated, and you feel that the new character or event is significant enough for its own article or warrants an addition to an existing one, alert Tolas of Brand or one of the other wiki admins with the information so we can add the new info to the wiki.
  • Or, if you feel like it, you can make the edits or new pages yourself. But be sure to follow the guidelines.
  • Be on the lookout for spelling and grammar errors, or if you find a piece of info that doesn't just add up (fanon for example) don't hesitate to point it out if you're not sure if its legit or not; and if it is obviously bogus, please fix it. But do exercise judgement.

Guidelines for edits.Edit

This wiki is always glad to have your help in gathering new information and putting it into a neat, easy access format, in fact, we really need that manpower. But, the primary goal of this wiki is to have all pertinent info on Tyrant of the East into a factual Database. That means a number of things.

Latest activityEdit

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